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    Become a data volunteer for the 2023 NCL

    We work with volunteers across the country to collect policies, quantitative data, and case studies tracking municipal action on climate, health, wellbeing and the environment. Our two volunteer training sessions are now complete, but it is not too late to participate! Sign up to receive more information about the NCL and to get involved.

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    Access 5 years of NCL data all in one spot !

    Introducing our new National Climate League dashboard. This dashboard showcases all the data the NCL has amassed since 2018 in an easy-to-navigate format.

    Use this dashboard to identify top-performing municipalities; compare your municipality to others of similar size or located in the same province; identify temporal trends in a specific indicator category, and more.

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    the 2022 national climate league STANDINGS have arrived !

    Our annual, volunteer-led data project tracks the performance of municipalities based on 26 climate, sustainability and social justice indicators.


    Which municipalities are leading and which are falling behind on key indicators like public transit ridership, renewable energy, green space, housing affordability, and more? Find out more about the results and the stories behind this project that is all about inspiring action and sharing best practices. Together we can make our cities, towns and regions into healthy, green and safe places to live, work and play.


    Together we can make our cities, towns and regions into healthy, green and safe places to live, work and play!!

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    During a bilingual virtual kick-off event on April 13, 2023, we unveiled which municipalities are leading and which are lagging on key metrics like transit ridership, renewable energy, green spaces, housing affordability, and much more! 🏬 🚌🌳🚴


    This event was also an opportunity to highlight the contribution of volunteers to this citizen lead project, with Ines Sanchez-Rodriguez.


    Finally, we were delighted to welcome three speakers from the municipal sector for a round table to discuss political ambition, social justice and how municipalities can do more for the climate, health and well-being of all !


    Our annual data collection project, led by volunteers, tracks the performance

    of 57 municipalities based on 26 climate, sustainability and social justice indicators. Here is an overview of how some municipalities performed in this year's Standing.

  • Snapshot of the National Climate League 2022 winners

    Download the Standings to find out all the results across 26 primary and complimentary performance indicators!

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  • Award-winning

    The National Climate League was among the 2022 Clean50 Top Projects Honourees!

    Congratulations to all of our volunteers and our team for this accomplishment.

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  • National Climate League Pod

    Click here to listen to our podcast series in partnership with McGill University and uncover indicators from the 2020 NCL standings. Learn how to be the change you want to see in your community!

  • PREVIOUS Standings

    Download previous National Climate League’s Standings here.

  • About the Climate Reality Project Canada

    The Climate Reality Project Canada is the Canadian branch of the Climate Reality Project, founded in 2006 by former Vice President of the United States and Nobel Laureate Al Gore. Its mission is to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across all levels of society. It does so by training a vast and international network of Climate Reality Leaders to become effective communicators on the science and solutions to climate change.


    There are 42,278 Climate Reality Leaders worldwide, of which 1,648 are in Canada. Their mission is to spread awareness amongst their peers and to advance solutions to the climate crisis.


    The Climate Reality Canada is also the founder of the Community Climate Hubs initiative, which aims to decarbonise cities across the country.


    For more information, visit www.climatereality.ca or follow us on Twitter: @Reality_Canada.
    For more information about the National Climate League visit www.NCL-LNC.ca 

    For media inquiries:
    Adam Sommerfeld
    Communications and Social Media Manager

    The Climate Reality Project Canada

    asommerfeld@climatereality.ca | (438) 540-1890