• http://peoplesclimate.ca/?source=ClimateReality The federal government wants to hear what you have to say about Canada's climate action plan. Help ensure scientific consensus is well represented at a town hall meeting near you. %Sign up to attend >
  • https://www.cn.ca/delivering-responsibly As one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to move goods, we believe rail has a tremendous potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by offering sustainable transportation solutions today and into the future. %Learn more >
  • http://www.desjardinsassurancesgenerales.com/d-qc/EN/about-us/community-involvement/Pages/community-involvement.aspx?lng=EN&mca=D&grp=
    "Fighting climate change is everyone's responsibility. Taking action provokes change and inspires others. Together, our collective efforts will make a difference."
    Sylvie Paquette
    President and Chief Operating Officer
    Desjardins General Insurance Group
    Climate Reality Canada partner since 2010
    %Learn more >
  • /ourpresentationsbusinesses.aspx Climate Reality Canada launches its conference program for businesses!%Reserve now >
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Featured Climate Leaders

Bill Paton

North Vancouver, BC, CA
Climate Leader Since 2013
1  lifetime presentations

Michel Tourville

Shefford, QC, CA
Climate Leader Since 2013
2  lifetime presentations

Jonathan DeRouchie

Black Ppoint, NS, CA
Climate Leader Since 2013
0  lifetime presentations

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