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    Join us in welcoming Ian Bruce as Acting Executive Director

    Ian will be a familiar face for many of you. A long-time member of our board of directors, Ian recently stepped down from his governance role after 15 years of service. Ian’s considerable experience in the climate movement in executive, research and advocacy roles will be invaluable during this leadership transition while the search for a new executive director is underway.

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    Thank you, André-Yanne for for five years of visionary leadership, inspiring collaboration and exciting milestones  

    As you may have heard, after five years as our Executive Director, André-Yanne Parent will be stepping down as of April 19, 2024. It is with mixed feelings of sadness and introspection that we say goodbye, but, more than that, our hearts are filled with gratitude for her five

    years of dedication, leadership, vision and passion.

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    In memory of Matt Chapman

    It is with heavy hearts that we inform you of the deeply sad news of Matthew Chapman’s passing.

    Matt’s legacy is deeply embedded in the very DNA of Climate Reality Canada. We mourn the loss of a colleague and pillar of the organization, a visionary, and a friend. Our hearts are with Matt’s family, his wife Véro and two daughters Adeline and Flora, as well as everyone who, just like us, followed Matt into the exciting endeavours his brilliant—and at times rebellious! —mind conjured. Matt, we miss you so much already. We will continue to celebrate your legacy and try, humbly, to keep up the incredible work you started. We love you.


    We invite you to celebrate Matt’s life, share your memories and support his family.

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    Access 5 years of NCL data all in one spot !

    Introducing our new National Climate League dashboard. This dashboard showcases all the data the NCL has amassed since 2018 in an easy-to-navigate format.

    Use this dashboard to identify top-performing municipalities; compare your municipality to others of similar size or located in the same province; identify temporal trends in a specific indicator category, and more.

  • new resource: toolkit for rural and remote communities

    Rural and remote communities are integral to Canada's economic, cultural, and social fabric. However, these communities face heightened susceptibility to the adverse effects of climate change, including droughts, floods, crop failures, and wildfires. This toolkit aims to support climate advocates and organizers based in rural and remote communities in empowering their friends, families, and neighbours to join together and transform themselves and their communities into climate leaders.

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  • when is now

    Climate Action Through Art — Climate Reality Canada is excited to join a global movement demanding ambitious action from the political leaders who are set to convene this November

    at the 27th of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in

    Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.


    Combining visual arts and poetry, When Is Now is an impassioned appeal

    to imagine a sustainable world and express solidarity with the populations most

    vulnerable to climate change. The effects of the climate crisis are already

    being felt and art is a powerful tool in the sharing of these stories.


  • 2022 Annual Report

    Look back at all we accomplished in 2022!



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