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    We're excited to launch the National Climate League: Campus Edition (NCLC), a vital component of Climate Reality’s Campus Corps Program. Join us to participate in data collection as a student, staff member, or faculty at a post-secondary academic institution — or as a citizen of the world interested in climate action metrics, even if you’re not affiliated with a school. The information collection and resulting findings from the NCLC will create a comprehensive source of data on sustainability performance and climate action initiatives at post-secondary academic institutions across Canada.


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  • What is the NCLC? 

    Recognizing the disproportionate impact of climate change on younger generations, the NCLC empowers students to translate awareness into tangible climate action on their campuses. The NCLC was inspired by the success of the National Climate League (NCL) – a volunteer-driven, annual data collection initiative introduced by The Climate Reality Project Canada in 2018.

  • Our Goals

    The primary objective of the NCLC is to enhance transparency regarding sustainability efforts within post-secondary academic institutions across Canada. By gathering and analyzing data, students aim to hold their universities accountable to climate targets.


    The goal is to empower students to advocate for:  



    Demand greater transparency from post-secondary administrations.  


    Policies and Practices 

    Advocate for policies and practices that are sustainable and just



    Call for divestment from fossil fuels.

  • Our data

    We gather data on six primary indicators and five complementary indicators at each campus. Each indicator comprises several specific variables, leading to a range of detailed inquiries.

  • Primary indicators

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    Climate Emergency Declaration

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    Climate Action Strategy

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    Climate Justice

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    STARS Assessment

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  • Complementary indicators

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    Food Services

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    Research and Leadership