Nadia Karina Ponce Morales

    Montréal, Québec

    Training: Colorado, 2017

    Featured Act of Leadership: Nadia delivered a conference to six classes of 5th and 6th-grade students on climate change and practical advice on how to reduce their carbon footprint.


    "No matter how many times I feel that my efforts to make a difference on climate issues are just a drop in the ocean, I will still try. The invaluable learning of witnessing firsthand how different the impact of climate change is for people around the world challenges me to try harder every day."

    Richard Sheiner

    Montréal, Québec

    Training: Mexico City, 2018

    Featured Act of Leadership: As the founder of the Center for Promotion of Global Health, Richard is committed to leading initiatives that better the state of our climate. At this time, he is focused on putting on Concert for the Earth, a fundraiser scheduled for summer 2021 which aims to raise awareness on climate change issues, and benefits the WHO and environmental organizations such as Climate Reality.


    “We need to see the climate crisis as a global family crisis, in which we must all come together for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.”

    Surabhi Sheth

    Moncton, New Brunswick

    Training: Atlanta, 2019

    Featured Act of Leadership: In 2019, Surabhi gave a series of introductory presentations on climate change impacts in Canada at various youth climate strikes in New Brunswick.


    "With the current crisis, we have a huge opportunity to build back better by investing in clean energy, green shovel-ready projects, and more active forms of transportation. Let us keep having conversations, making connections, and moving towards inclusive collaborations to turn these dialogues into political action, which creates a just and sustainable future."



    The Climate Reality Project Canada is proud to be a member of an international community of Climate Reality Project affiliates. Since the establishment of Climate Reality in The United States in 2006, the training of new Climate Leaders has occurred in Australia, India, Spain, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, China, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, and many more countries. Climate Reality also has an official presence in over 150 countries around the world.

    This impressive expansion in such a short period of time has resulted in the training of thousands of additional committed individuals. These individuals will further facilitate the goal of The Climate Reality Project of fostering an engaged and well-informed international citizenry.


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