Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Training: Colorado, 2017


    Featured Act of Leadership: Volunteered during the past federal election, promoting environmental events and protests her candidate was attending and/or speaking at.


    "I don't invest in the status quo. When we approach issues like climate change and sustainability, it's important not to invest in the status quo. We have the ability to change, the resources, and the technology, but the world continues to invest in what was. Let's empower folks to embrace changes, big or small. Yes, we need big changes, but small changes should not be discouraged. I like to break down my life into parts and ask myself 'Could I be doing this better? More sustainably?'"

    Kyla Egan

    Nanaimo, British Columbia

    Training: Virtual Global Training, August 2020


    Featured Act of Leadership: Organized and participated in an online workshop that helped local business owners create a climate action plan to reduce their carbon footprint.


    "Attending the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training has given me the skills and resources to successfully engage with others regarding climate action. I am currently focusing my time on engaging with regional associations such as not-for-profits, business associations, and community organizations in order to expand my reach as an advocate. I think that collaboration is one of the most important skills that we have to fight climate change."

    Subashini Thangadurai

    Calgary, Alberta​

    Training: Virtual Global Training, August 2020


    Featured Act of Leadership: Participated in the ClimateScience Olympiad Finals 2021, where she got to share her vision of the future by implementing climate solutions through creative, inclusive, and hopeful thinking.


    "I have grown to learn how truly powerful youth voices can be, and I am privileged and grateful to have the opportunity to continue to use my voice in the climate movement as a Climate Reality Leader. The future I see will continue to be fought for by countless individuals like myself who will work for change; with bright minds passionate and open to learning about the beautiful diversity of our world, and the willingness to get involved in our communities. I hope the climate movement's perseverance, leadership, and hope continues to inspire leadership from each and everyone of us."


    The Climate Reality Project Canada is proud to be a member of an international community of Climate Reality Project affiliates. Since the establishment of Climate Reality in The United States in 2006, the training of new Climate Leaders has occurred in Australia, India, Spain, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, China, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, and many more countries. Climate Reality also has an official presence in over 150 countries around the world.

    This impressive expansion in such a short period of time has resulted in the training of thousands of additional committed individuals. These individuals will further facilitate the goal of The Climate Reality Project of fostering an engaged and well-informed international citizenry.


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