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    Laurent Cousineau

    Montreal, Quebec

    Training: Chicago 2013


    Featured Act of Leadership: Laurent wrote an article about the movie "Don't Look Up" on his website. Click here to read it!


    ""We need to help build a more sustainable future."

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    Sonia Chopra

    Calgary, Alberta

    Training: Los Angeles 2018


    Featured Act of Leadership: Sonia created a climate video series for high school students that explored the ramifications of excess greenhouse gas emissions and the solutions we can take to help mitigate its impact.


    "I believe education can be used to serve our planet by forging a sense of environmental stewardship. I am committed to raising awareness and empowering the lives of my students by providing them with knowledge about, and solutions to, climate change. I believe our future depends on the collaboration of environmentally informed, and inspired citizens, who are willing to take action to protect our Earth."

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    Andrew Williamson

    Burnaby, British Columbia (unceded Squamish, Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh territory)

    Training: Toronto 2015


    Featured Act of Leadership: Andrew's work to oppose the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, in collaboration with other organizations in BC, is his focus with the Burnaby Climate Hub. Through outreach, media and direct action, they continue to draw attention to this over budget and behind schedule expansion of the existing pipeline which, if completed, will carry tar sands bitumen through their communities to the coast.


    "As a film producer, it's been powerful to share our latest film, "The Magnitude of All Things," with audiences and talk about their emotions around the impacts of climate change. Connecting with people about their grief for a changing world, and to hear what these feelings are motivating them to do, is a good reminder that stories help us reach people we might otherwise not. I was struck by how effective this approach is during my Climate Reality training and I try to find ways to bring that into my Acts of Leadership."



    The Climate Reality Project Canada is proud to be a member of an international community of Climate Reality Project affiliates. Since the establishment of Climate Reality in The United States in 2006, the training of new Climate Leaders has occurred in Australia, India, Spain, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, China, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, and many more countries. Climate Reality also has an official presence in over 150 countries around the world.

    This impressive expansion in such a short period of time has resulted in the training of thousands of additional committed individuals. These individuals will further facilitate the goal of The Climate Reality Project of fostering an engaged and well-informed international citizenry.