Victoria Serda

    Wiarton, Ontario

    Training: Nashville, 2007

    Featured Act of Leadership: In April 2020, gave a webinar on food sustainability and climate change.


    "Yesterday, my Facebook memory from 13 years ago was: 'Victoria is...tired out from giving so many climate change presentations.' I think many of us are feeling this sentiment right now, and doing our best to still keep the climate emergency at the forefront, while dealing with the pandemic. We are frontline workers on the climate crisis, and we must keep up our mental health! Keep connecting with each other, making plans, helping where you can. We will get through this, and make a better world for future generations!"

    Mitchell Beer

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Training: Chicago, 2013

    Featured Act of Leadership: In October 2019, delivered a TEDx talk on how to build wider, deeper public buy-in for political will to get climate change under control.


    "We do know how to solve the climate crisis. What we don’t know is how to talk about it so that people who aren’t already inside the climate change bubble can see themselves in the picture, can see the practical, grounded, realistic solutions that work in their own lives. There is no more important ‘X’ to solve for in our lifetimes.”

    Niharika Bandaru

    Windsor, Ontario

    Training: Denver, 2017

    Featured Act of Leadership: For Earth Day 2020, encouraged the communications director at the Town of Essex to organize an Earth Day picture competition, with residents posting pictures about their favourite natural spot in the Town of Essex and talking about why preserving it is important.


    "As I learnt from my fellow Climate Reality Leaders, change can be an awkward and fearsome thing, but it is change that also creates opportunity to learn and grow. With the climate crisis, not only is it important to recognize what the issues are that are impeding action, but also to empower ourselves with the right tools, and be persistent."





    The Climate Reality Project Canada is proud to be a member of an international community of Climate Reality Project affiliates. Since the establishment of Climate Reality in The United States in 2006, the training of new Climate Leaders has occurred in Australia, India, Spain, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, China, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, and many more countries. Climate Reality also has an official presence in over 150 countries around the world.

    This impressive expansion in such a short period of time has resulted in the training of thousands of additional committed individuals. These individuals will further facilitate the goal of The Climate Reality Project of fostering an engaged and well-informed international citizenry.

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