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  • Our Theory of Change

    We believe in social catalysts.

    We’ve seen what they can do in social movements from women’s rights to marriage equality.


    Time and again, when a critical mass of committed activists stand up bravely, their example awakens the courage to act in millions, catalyzing broader social change and creating momentum that cannot be ignored.


    Empower people and we can build the world we need.


    We are at a critical point, when major legislation and executive action in Canada, as well as stronger Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in other countries, is necessary and possible. The work and leadership of activists is what is redefining social norms and opening the door for transformative change towards climate justice. The question is not if, but how quickly we can make a major shift to renewables.


    The good news is that poll after poll show the overwhelming majority of Canadians and people worldwide want their governments to take action on the climate crisis and implement a just transition for all.


    This is a clear signal that we already have the numbers to overcome this challenge. We don’t have to persuade millions that our climate is changing and that the climate crisis is also a matter of justice — one that can’t be solved without facing all forms of discrimination and inequalities head-on. We have to further empower people to act now on the beliefs they already have and make sure that our legislators demonstrate their commitment by acting urgently.


    We know that not all peoples have contributed to the climate crisis to the same extent. Indigenous peoples, for example, have lived in harmony with nature since time immemorial. The opportunity to learn from and work with Indigenous peoples remains a central part of catalyzing change – benefitting from other ways of knowing that recognize that we are a part of creation, rather than its master.


    Indigenous and other frontline communities have lived experience with climate impacts and are leading the way on innovative and just solutions. It is our responsibility to amplify their voices. Since real change starts from the ground up, we are building a force of citizen catalysts who will drive progress in their communities to inspire their friends, neighbours, and colleagues in the supportive majority to turn their beliefs into actions that can be implemented now and in the years to come.


    Recent history is inspiring. We have seen Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) movements and youth activists spark public outrage, with millions taking to the streets to demand ambitious climate policies, a just transition for all and climate justice.

    With a rapidly growing number of Climate Reality Leaders, Community Climate Hubs and Campuses, and a strong communications effort, we can become a powerful grassroots and advocacy network that plays an important role in catalyzing change and ensuring climate justice.

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