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    join us april 13 to discuss the launch of the 2022 standings

    April 13, 2023 at 10am PT / 1pm ET


    Join us in celebrating the launch of our 2022 National Climate League Standings. Our annual, volunteer-led data project tracks the performance of municipalities based on 26 climate, sustainability and social justice
    indicators. Find out more about the results and the stories behind this project that is all about inspiring action and sharing best practices. Together we can make our cities, towns and regions into healthy, green
    and safe places to live, work and play.


  • On the agenda


    Let's talk about:

    • How we mobilize volunteers to track climate progress and sustainability for municipalities across the country;
    • Which municipalities are leading and which are falling behind on key
      indicators like public transit ridership, renewable energy, green space,
      housing affordability, and more;
    • Success stories from leaders in the top-performing municipalities, that how you can use to help your city improve!

    The event is an opportunity to share insights on participatory data collection featuring Ines Sanchez-Rodriguez, NCL volunteer, as well as key highlights from the 2022 Standings with Climate Reality Canada's National Campaign Manager, Hannah Muhajarine; and a panel discussion on municipal climate action with panelists from across the country.


    Panelists :

    • Christine Boyle, Councillor, City of Vancouver
    • Katrina Cristall, Climate Action Officer, City of Charlottetown
    • Maude Marquis-Bissonnette, professor of municipal management at the École nationale d'administration publique and former Councillor, City of Gatineau
  • Our Guests

    We're excited to discuss how community-led advocacy can bring about the climate action we need at the municipal level.

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    Christine Boyle

    Christine Boyle is a second term Vancouver City Councillor with OneCity Vancouver. She has been a leading voice at her Council table on climate action, affordable housing, Reconciliation, and more.


    Christine is a community organizer and an ordained United Church Minister, born and raised on unceded Coast Salish territory. She spent many years doing national multi-faith climate organizing, including efforts focused on divesting from fossil fuels and investing in building retrofits and clean energy.


    Christine also worked at the Columbia Institute’s Centre for Civic Governance and supported the development of GreenJobs BC. And she spent many years working at First United Church in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and supporting kids and families at Grandview/ ¿uuqinak’uuh Elementary School in East Vancouver.


    She has a BSc in Urban Agriculture and First Nations Studies from UBC, and an MA in Religious Leadership for Social Change from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, and is raising two kids in East Van with her husband, Seth Klein.

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    Katrina Cristall

    Katrina Cristall is the Climate Action Officer for the City of Charlottetown. She holds an undergraduate degree in biology from Brandon University and completed her master’s degree in the health sciences at Queen’s University.


    Her work with the City of Charlottetown has been broad in scope, spanning a wide range of climate-related topics. For example, she led the development of a Sustainable Procurement Action Plan for Charlottetown and is in the final stages of creating a Community Garden Framework to guide how the City supports community gardens. Most recently, she has been focused on the development of a Climate Action Plan for Charlottetown that will guide both adaptation and mitigation efforts. Katrina is passionate about community development and places it at the heart of her work.

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    Maude Marquis-Bissonnette

    Maude Marquis-Bissonnette is a professor of municipal management at the École nationale d'administration publique (ÉNAP), with a PhD in public policy from Carleton University. Her research interests include several aspects of municipal governance as well as intergovernmental collaboration.


    Maude served as a city councillor for the city of Gatineau from 2017 to 2021. While on council, she led many initiatives, including the revision of urban planning bylaws for a greener and more sustainable city, the development of the city’s Climate Plan, an ambitious waste management plan, and the establishment of a round table on diversity and immigration. In 2021, she was elected leader of her political party (Action Gatineau) and finished second in the race for mayor.


    Maude currently serves on the board of directors of the Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Gatineau, and acts as a consultant for local organizations and governments. She is a public speaker and frequently speaks in the media, notably since the winter of 2023 as a political analyst for Radio-Canada Ottawa-Gatineau.

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    Ines Sanchez-Rodriguez 

    Meet Ines, a driven PhD student at the University of Saskatchewan's School of

    Environment and Sustainability. Her passion lies in understanding computational

    hydrological models and how they can be used to develop innovative strategies for

    decision-making. With climate change continuing to impact hydrological processes

    across the country, Ines seeks sustainable solutions through open collaboration - a

    philosophy she lives by.


    Ines has honed her skills by working with meteorological and nature conservation

    agencies, where she has gained valuable experience in conducting economic water and climate risk assessments and exploring solutions based on nature for climate change



    When Ines isn't busy with her studies, she can be found enjoying the simple pleasures

    in life - bike rides, mindfulness practices, movie art, and delicious vegan food.

    Her dedication to sustainability is genuinely inspiring, dedicating her positivity, learning

    passion and discipline to promote Sustainability goals achievement.

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