Municipalities, being at close proximity to the electorate, can potentially have a significant impact in the fight against climate change, thanks to their decision-making power and through sustainable policies that reflect citizens' priorities and preoccupations.

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  • The Climate Reality Project Canada and its Climate Reality Leaders give presentations on climate change which are suitable for municipalities of all sizes. The presentations given are adapted to the municipal world and will guide municipalities in their greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives. Our Climate Reality Leaders discuss climate issues that mainly concern Canadian communities, as well as technological, legislative, and financial solutions that may be adopted.

    For whom?

    These conferences are aimed at all municipalities that wish to adopt green policies and legislation. Municipal elected officials are welcome, as well as civil service employees and citizens who are involved in municipal affairs.

  • Why hold a conference in your municipality?

    To better address the concerns, values, and priorities of citizens

    To raise awareness and to inform your team

    To enhance the image of the municipal administration

    To identify the tools and resources available

    To become aware of success stories

    To improve your representation of citizens

  • Content of the presentation: science, impacts and solutions

    The presentation firstly addresses the science behind climate change and the sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The impacts of climate change are discussed in order to prepare the field for a discussion oriented towards solutions from a municipal perspective. The presentation is adapted to the context of the municipality in question, so as to motivate and equip the audience to act.


    Our conferences last from 45 to 60 minutes, and include a question period. If you wish to alter the duration of the conference, please contact us in order to discuss your special requests.


    Depending on your needs, your knowledge of climate change and your sector of activity, the conferences may be adapted. Do not hesitate to communicate your special requests, comments, and concerns to your Climate Reality Leader. Our Climate Reality Leaders come from a large array of professions and backgrounds, and can generally adapt the content of their presentation according to your needs.


    The presentations are offered free of charge but voluntary contributions are accepted. Your donations allow Climate Reality Canada to continue its work in educating people about climate change and thus raising awareness on the issue, and to offer support to our volunteer speakers.

  • Submitting a presentation request does not commit you to anything. It will simply allow you to verify our Climate Leaders' availabilities for a free presentation in your region and allow you to discuss specific topics or share your comments and concerns with your Climate Leader before committing to hosting a presentation.

    If you have any questions that you would like to have answered prior to submitting a presentation request, please feel free to contact us at info@climatereality.ca