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    Demystifying Data

    Join us november 23, 2023

    via video conference

    As a part of the National Climate League's data collection campaign, you're invited to join us for an interactive learning session on demystifying data for the general public. In collaboration with guest facilitators from Open North, a non-profit working on data governance, you will learn the basics of how local governments use data in climate decision-making and planning, progress-tracking and communicating outcomes.


    The webinar includes a presentation in English (with French subtitles) followed by interactive breakout groups in French and in English.

  • NCL data collection campaign

    This session is open to anyone, however it is also part of training for the National Climate League's data collection campaign. Interested in learning about the National Climate League and how you can join this participatory, volunteer-led data collection project tracking municipal climate action?

  • Demystifying Data

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    From measuring greenhouse gas emissions to tracking local air quality as wildfire seasons intensify, data can be complex but it is also a critical component in all climate mitigation and adaptation activities.

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    We'll discuss how data can be turned from something intimidating or incomprehensible into a tool to be wielded by everyone fighting for ambitious, justice-based climate action!

  • Speakers & facilitators

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!

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    Aimee Whitcroft

    Aimee ‘Max’ whitcroft is Senior Coordinator, Knowledge and Delivery at Open North and Vice-Chair of the Open Data Charter Advisory Board. She is an international advocate for what she calls #openX — open data, open government, civic tech, open access, open source and so on. She mixes these with her passion for privacy advocacy, data governance, ethics, futures thinking and strategy.

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    John Griffin

    John Griffin is a Program Manager at Open North. He works with local governments to identify common key digital and data challenges and shared responses to said challenges. His previous experience includes digital transformation projects at the federal level and international development projects in Central America and West Africa.

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    Hannah Muhajarine

    National Campaign Manager, The Climate Reality Project Canada

    Originally from Saskatoon, Hannah (she/her) now lives in Winnipeg (Treaty 1). She has a background in research, organizing, and advocacy. Her past work includes leading community-based conversations across Canada on the connections between climate change and income insecurity with the Green Resilience Project, and campaigning to ban fossil fuel advertising with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. She has also been involved in grassroots climate justice organizing for over five years. Hannah holds a Masters degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Manitoba, where her thesis research was on traditional Indigenous food systems. Hannah is excited to continue learning and working with others to address the climate crisis by building new systems based on ideas like participatory democracy and shared public goods. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the banjo.

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    Thank you to Open North for their collaboration as a learning partner of The Climate Reality Project Canada!

    Open North is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the common good. We work alongside governments, civic-focused organizations, and mission-aligned businesses to create and implement practical solutions through transformative digital strategies and data governance frameworks.