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    mobilizing for climate action on campus

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    youth week of action &

    global climate strike

    Following the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 15, we invite you to continue to celebrate, support and amplify youth-led climate action. We as a generation need to stand up for our future: challenge business as usual and fight the fossil fuel industry!


  • Shake Up Your Campus!

    Target the issues that matter to you and your peers.

    For young people concerned about their opportunities in a world shaped by the climate crisis, Campus Corps offers the chance to take their future into their own hands, starting in their dormitories, classrooms, and campus quads. Campus Corps is a special program for students to take meaningful action while connecting with fellow activists and gaining new leadership skills.


    With direct support from Climate Reality Leaders, students at participating campuses receive guidance in designing campaigns and organizing fellow students to convince their schools to embrace clean energy and sustainability and raise awareness about the climate crisis.


    By joining Campus Corps, students can take countless initiatives to pressure campuses such as strikes, rallies, petitions, letters to boards, lobbying and more. We’re at a tipping point in the fight to solve the climate crisis and you have the opportunity to be a part of the solution.

  • Campus Corps is a program that was originally created in the United States, by The Climate Reality Project. Some of their campuses are already making meaningful change and in light of their success, The Climate Reality Project Canada wants to implement the program on Canadian soil!


    Now it’s time for you to own your power as a young person and as a student. Campus Corps Chapters are making a real difference at the college and university level and influencing policy in their towns, cities, and states.


  • How to Start a Chapter

    In 3 easy steps!


    Reach out to interested students

    Be a resource to see if they have more questions about the Campus Corps program and starting a Chapter at their school.


    Gather 5 students from your college or university

    1 Chapter chair that will be your direct report and 4 leadership committee members.

    This includes you!


    Complete the application form

    Fill this out with the contact information of all 5 members, and the information about your potential Chapter.

  • Found your team? Click the button below for the application form!

  • Not a post-secondary student?

    You can still take action! Join a Climate Hub to coordinate local climate initiatives in your community.


    No Hub near you? Start one today!

  • Questions?

    For more information, contact our Campus Corps Coordinator at: