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On September 27th, the world strikes.

By Émilie Campbell-Renaud

· Advocacy Stories

On September 27th, the world strikes.


Because the devastating effects of climate change are knocking on our door – vehemently.

Because political will is painfully lacking.

Because small, every day actions are no longer sufficient to solve the climate crisis.

Because we’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

The Youth Strikes have sent that message loud and clear: how can students be expected to worry about their academic performance, when their future is being jeopardized by the environmental passivity of the very same adults who are asking them to excel in school? We have much to learn from youth. Yup, we’re past the time of opening up the dialogue at the decision-making level and of recycling at home, folks. Only a highly organized and ardent grassroots movement will succeed in solving this crisis by bringing about the tremendous behavioural changes required, and by forcing governments and businesses to make the decisions that will bring perennial benefits for all of humanity.

That’s where the worldwide movement Earthstrike comes in. Striking has historically been one of the most impactful methods for achieving considerable gains in matters of equality and social justice. The time has come to channel that social power towards facing humanity’s most important collective challenge.

That’s why this September 27th, we’re calling on you to join thousands of citizens across the globe in striking from work/school in order to create the change we so direly need. In addition to bringing worldwide attention to the climate crisis, this historical strike will serve to give momentum and legitimacy to the organizations working to demand laws that acknowledge and respect scientific recommendations pertaining to GHG emissions and fossil fuel exploitation, and to ensure that citizens have the opportunity to be well informed and deeply involved in the transition towards a safer future for all.

There couldn’t be an easier way to take part in the global climate solutions movement: simply skip school or work on September 27th, and if you so desire, join a march in your area!

In order to help get your employer or school on board, here is a template message you may use as is, or inspire yourself from:

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Feel free to reach out to us at if you would like us to draft a resolution for your organization!

To finish, here’s an “out of office” message template for you:

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We hope you will join us in logging off for the day on September 27th!

To find out more about this worldwide movement, please visit the Global Earth Strike website.