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We’re preparing something big.

“Instead of looking for hope, look for action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere." – Greta Thunberg


By Émilie Campbell-Renaud

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“Instead of looking for hope, look for action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere."

– Greta Thunberg

It’s time we start to act; and at The Climate Reality Project Canada, we’re in the business of inspiring the world to do so.

On November 20thand 21st 2019, the 20, 000 Climate Reality Leaders trained by Al Gore to give free presentations on the science and solutions of the climate crisis will be mobilizing for a worldwide day of grassroots climate education and action.

24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action is a chance to speak truth about what’s happening to our planet, and to transform intention into action by learning about the solutions and tools available today. It’s a chance to connect with fellow concerned citizens, and to learn how we can all use our voices, our votes and our everyday choices to make a difference and to force our leaders to act. Now.

What Happens on November 20–21?

  • For one full day, Climate Reality Leader volunteers lead free conversations and presentations on the climate crisis and its solutions, with events in schools, workplaces, community centers and more all around the world. 
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I want to host a free Truth in Action presentation; what is the next step?

  • Simply click HERE and fill in a presentation request! Once your request appears in our portal, Climate Reality Leaders in your area will be able to claim the request and will contact you to confirm and to answer any questions you might have.

Why Host or Attend a Truth in Action Presentation?

  • Gain a deep understanding of what the climate crisis means for youfrom someone who knows where you’re coming from. 
  • Discover the practical solutions in our hands today and how we can create a safe and sustainable future for the Earth.
  • Learn about practical steps you can take today to help solve the crisis.
  • Bring your classroom, colleagues, or neighbors together to learn about the crisis and discover how to turn knowledge into collective action.
  • Hear directly from a trained Climate Reality Leader, an expert presenter who knows how to make climate clear and inspire audiences of all backgrounds.
  • Be part of a global conversation on the greatest challenge of our time with thousands of people in all 50 states and countries around the world. 

I am a Climate Reality Leader and want to get involved; what can I do?

  • Spread the word! Invite your network to request a presentation on November 20thor 21st.
  • Fill in the presentation pledge here. Pro tip: this unlocks a world of resources!
  • Head to the Presentations 101 page to book a presentation and prepare your material!

A threat like the climate crisis must be met with a global, concerted response; and it all starts with you and your community. Join us November 20thand 21stfor Truth in Action for a global conversation on how we’ll solve this crisis and create a sustainable future together. It’s time to defend the planet like your life depends on it. Because it does.

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