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Global Climate Strike: Ways to Get Involved

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There is (renewably-sourced) electricity in the air. The Global Climate Strike taking place this coming Friday September 27th promises to be a historic moment. Change is coming!

You may have read our previous blog post, in which we invited you to strike on September 27th, and if possible, to join a march in your area. We appreciate that these options are not feasible for everyone, and we also know that you’re itching to participate; so here are a handful of other ways in which you can get involved.

Spread the word.

Share, share, share! Promote the Global Climate Strike by sharing our blog post, by referring people to the Earth Strike website, and by encouraging your acquaintances to take part in a strike event in their area.

Strike at a level that works for you.

If striking this Friday is not possible for you, here are other ways you can be part of the Global Climate Strike movement.

  • Strike passively: work a little less hard than you normally would.
  • Take the afternoon off.
  • Be present, but only answer urgent matters.
  • Step away from your desk for a short period of time, for example one hour or two.

Whatever approach you choose, be sure to set up Out of Office automatic email replies and a voicemail message in order to indicate why you’re striking, thereby raising awareness for the cause.


A simple activity to organize! It will allow schools and workplaces to make a symbolic gesture in solidarity with the movement. For a minute, you can literally stand up for the planet, take a picture and share it with the #StandUpForThePlanet! We have just heard the news that Greta Thunberg will do a STAND UP FOR THE PLANET on stage at the arrival of the Montreal protest on the 27th while pictures of the STAND-UP FOR THE PLANET will be broadcasted on the stage. To have more information about the process, we invite you to click here!

Support the movement

Help us reach our goal of raising $2700 by September 27th by making a donation to the Climate Reality Project Canada. Your generous contribution will help us support our 1000+ Climate Reality Leaders and 400+ Community Climate Hub members across the country, who are effectively inspiring change, bringing solutions to their communities, and leading their cities to carbon neutrality.

Only a highly organized and ardent grassroots movement will succeed in solving this crisis by bringing about the tremendous behavioural changes required, and by forcing governments and businesses to make the decisions that will bring perennial benefits for all of humanity.

On behalf of future generations, thank you for being part of the solution.