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Aandrianna Jacob, Research intern

Saturday Spotlight Series

· Climate Reality Canada Team
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Full Name and Title

Aandrianna Jacob, Research intern

Short Biography

Aandrianna is a third-year international student at McGill University studying a double major in Political Science and Theatre. She is an energetic and bubbly individual who loves decoration and design and has a soft spot for animals, which she indulges through volunteer work with animal shelters. She has lived most of her life in the Middle East and Asia, which really drove her interest in politics due to the major political changes she experienced when living in these regions, such as the Arab Spring and the 2014 Thai military coup d’état. Overall, she is really excited to be working at The Climate Reality Project Canada this summer, and hopes to learn a lot in her time here.

Why did you join the climate movement/what pushed you to become interested in climate change issues?

I first became interested in climate change issues because of my background in political science. My interest in human rights and my experiences living in the Middle East and Asia also influenced me. I realised that if a true effort to remedy climate change was not made, many of the places where I had lived would become uninhabitable, which prompted a change in perspective on my part. What was once purely an environmental issue in my eyes became a human rights issue that threatened the livelihoods of millions of people. As I learn more about these issues, I have come to realise that climate change should truly be more of a priority for most people.

What is one achievement you are proud of?

Honestly, my proudest achievement currently is securing this internship at The Climate Reality Project Canada. McGill is an extremely competitive school and I am extremely grateful to have been chosen for this opportunity and to work with such great and passionate people on a topic that I really care about.

What are some climate change initiatives you are currently taking part in?

Apart from my work at The Climate Reality Project Canada, I try to be as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible in my personal life, from taking reusable vegetable bags to the grocery store and using public transport to making sure I support companies that are environmentally friendly, especially in the beauty and fashion industry.

What do you think is the most effective way for people to take climate action?

I think that taking action in your personal life is what we have most control over, and that is a good way to start. Consider whether purchases you make could be more environmentally friendly and vote with your wallet. For example, do you participate in fast fashion? Other than that, you can talk to your local representatives to draw attention to climate issues and initiate change.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I really enjoy the act of creation, from knitting to drawing to DIY projects and baking. Making something from scratch is incredibly satisfying, and is more environmentally friendly than buying commercial equivalents!