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Ymène Fouli, Regional Organizer for Alberta

Saturday Spotlight Series

· Climate Reality Canada Team
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Full Name and Title

Ymène Fouli, Regional Organizer for Alberta

Short Biography

Ymène grew up in Tunisia where she enjoyed schooling, music, swimming, scouts, and exploring the country with her family. She studied geology and environmental engineering, and later attended graduate school in Scotland and in the USA where she taught and conducted research in soil science. She continued with research in Maryland and Saskatchewan, and later joined a consulting firm in Alberta as an environmental scientist and project manager. She later consulted independently and joined The Climate Reality Project Canada as a Regional Organizer in early 2018. Climate action is on the rise in Alberta and Climate Hubs are expanding across the province. It is an exciting time to be in Alberta!

Why did you join the climate movement/what pushed you to become interested in climate change issues?

I have always been aware of the natural resources around me, especially water resources. This likely started as a child: growing up in a semi-arid climate where water was scarce and its management of national importance. I decided to specialize in environmental issues and studied applied soil physics to understand water movement in the soil. I naturally joined many environmental groups and climate change was always an important issue. When I found out about Climate Reality I did not hesitate to join the team.

What is one achievement you are proud of?

I am proud of being a part of climate action in Calgary, Alberta. The team here is incredible. Volunteers from all walks of life connected, created a Climate Hub, and continue to work tirelessly with the City of Calgary, with community organizations, citizens, and anyone who is interested. They have been incredibly busy and successful in gathering financial support, members, and volunteers. I am impressed and a proud member of the Calgary Climate Hub.

What was your most iconic/memorable Act of Leadership?

My main Act of Leadership is in climate communication. I enjoy connecting with people individually, bringing up my concern with increasing global temperatures, and listening to their reasoning for or against climate change. Personal perspectives are enriching and allow me to understand and communicate better on the topic. I also get an individual take on the issue and often feel it is more genuine than the group/peer effect. This may not be very iconic or memorable, but it fits well with my personality and I enjoy it.

What are some climate change initiatives you are currently taking part in?

I am a member of the Calgary Climate Hub and am on their fundraising node. We meet once a month and discuss fundraising possibilities such as grants, proposals, sponsorships, donors, networking, membership, etc. We are working towards becoming a stronger organization financially and would love to recruit more dedicated volunteers to help us move faster. We will get there! As Regional Organizer, I contact climate/environmental organizations across the province, connect them to each other, and share their initiatives and achievements with the rest of Canada.

What do you think is the most effective way for people to take climate action?

I think the best way to take climate action is to find out what works for you. People have different personalities, strengths, and energies that can be funneled in various ways to produce a desired outcome. You could start by joining a climate organization you care about, meet people, get inspired, and find out how to be useful. Decide on the time and effort you would like to commit to this. And have fun! I highly recommend attending a Climate Reality Leadership Training. It is such a fantastic source of inspiration and wonderful connections that span the globe.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I played a Mozart piano concerto when I was 16 years old.