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The Climate Reality Project Canada Receives the 2022 Canada’s Clean50 Top Project Awards

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Fighting Grime With Data—The Climate Reality Project Canada Recipient of the 2022 Canada’s Clean50 Top Project Awards For Its Astounding Citizen-Led And Data-Driven Yearly Project: The National Climate League Standings  


MONTREAL, October 5th, 2021— The Climate Reality Project Canada was amongst the  2022 Clean50 Top Projects Honourees, recognized last Friday at the Clean50 Summit 11.0 in Toronto. It was not only a chance to receive this important award, but also the opportunity to spend a day amongst peers and colleagues tackling critical sustainability challenges facing Canada.    

The cumulative accomplishments of Canada’s Clean50 Top Projects in reducing and avoiding GHGs over the past 2 years adds up to a very big number.  At The Climate Reality Project Canada, we are grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who are at the heart of our Standings.   


The National Climate League Standings  

The Climate Reality Project Canada assembled the National Climate League to use cities as the pathway for climate policy solutions. The project aims to instill a sense of agency and community through citizen engagement and participatory democracy, drawing in diverse constituencies to demand accountability from their municipalities.   

Citizen-led and data-driven, the League enables volunteers to gather data on fifteen primary indicators that reflect increased living standards for everyday Canadians living in municipalities. These Standings then function as benchmarking and lobbying tools to compare how Canadian municipalities fare across these sustainability indicators—the National Climate League, local heroes, fighting grime with data.  


Not The Organization’s First Rodeo  

This 2022 Clean50 Top Project Award joins the long list of amazing Climate Reality Leaders who were recognize by Canada’s Clean50 for being change-makers in their communities.   

Canada’s Clean50 past Climate Reality Leaders recipients include:    

Dominique Souris 

Umberto Berardi 

David Leger 

Megan Poss 

Caroline Karvonen 

Dianne Saxe 

Alison Thompson  

Frances Edmonds 

Jenise Lee 

Helmi Ansari 

Richard Corley 

Sandra Lester 

Kerry Adler 

Bala Gnanam 

Joan Prowse 

Brendan Seale 

Joanna Kyriazis 

Peter McArthur  

Jim Harris 

Gordon Hicks 

Laura Zizzo 

Anthony Watanabe 

Kevin Brady 

Chantale Despres 

Craig Ryan 

Pauline D'Amboise 

Kehkashan Basu 

Steve Lee 

Dana Decent  

David Hughes 

Alex Iordan 

Tonio Sadik 

& Karen Schuett  


Congratulations to them!  



About Delta Management Group and Canada’s Clean50  

Canada’s Clean50 Top Project Awards are amongst the awards announced annually by Delta Management Group and the Canada’s Clean50 organization, to recognize the best sustainability oriented projects completed in Canada over the prior two years.   

Projects are chosen based on a five “I”s criteria:  Impactful, Innovative, Inspiring, Informative and can readily be Imitated.  Delta’s criteria in determining Project awards is to carefully consider a combination of actual measurable impact, demonstrated innovation, and the project’s ability to inspire others to imitate it – and NCL 2020 completed by Climate Reality Project Canada is a terrific example.  

For more information visit Clean50’s website:  


About The Climate Reality Project Canada  

The Climate Reality Project Canada is the Canadian branch of the Climate Reality Project, founded in 2006 by former Vice President of the United States and Nobel Laureate Al Gore. Its mission is to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across all levels of society. It does so by training a vast and international network of Climate Reality Leaders to become effective communicators on the science and solutions to climate change.  

There are 33,792 Climate Reality Leaders worldwide, of which 1,457 are in Canada. Their mission is to spread awareness amongst their peers and to advance solutions to the climate crisis.   

The Climate Reality Canada is also the founder of the Community Climate Hubs initiative, which aims to decarbonise cities across the country.  

For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter:  @Reality_Canada. 

For more information about the Campus Corps program visit   


The Climate Reality Project Canada