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Promoting an Intergenerational Approach to

Climate Action for a Sustainable Future

Let's meet "Seniors For Climate," a citizen initiative led by several of our climate reality leaders aimed at building a cross-Canada community of seniors committed to creating a livable future.


Interview with Roland Montpellier, participant at our Advocacy Training - Prairies Edition, member of the Seniors For Climate project.

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1. Can you introduce the Seniors For Climate initiative to those who may not be familiar with it? 

Seniors For Climate is a Canada-wide initiative which brings together seniors who are deeply alarmed by the climate crisis. There are close to 10 million seniors aged 60 and over – one in four Canadians. We have outsized political, economic and social power. And we vote!  

Our goal is to build a Canada-wide community of seniors to create a liveable future. We have a major role to play and we have motive, commitment and opportunity.

Along with our children and grandchildren, we face a climate emergency. We need faster and better climate action. Later Is Too Late! 


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2. How did the idea come about? You aim to promote an intergenerational approach to climate action. Why did you specifically choose to focus on seniors for the event date  and initiative name?

In late 2022 the Ontario Climate Groups Network (OCGN) - a dozen climate groups - set itself an aspirational goal of creating a national seniors’ movement with the support of Climate Legacy coming at its January 2023 Roundtable.

A series of meetings and discussion occurred during 2023 leading to the establishment of a Steering Committee which became the organizing body that led to Seniors For Climate.

A first meeting of individuals and groups from across Canada in October 2023.

Rationale for moving forward:

  • The climate movement in Canada has not yet succeeded in convincing our political leaders that we are in a climate emergency that demands a more ambitious response.
  • The urgency of the climate crisis needs a national platform because this is beyond the reach of local groups.
  • Seniors have outsized political, economic and social power. And we vote!

Action Plan

  • In early 2024, it was resolved to call for a Canada-wide Seniors day of Climate Action on Oct 1st - Canada’s National Seniors Day - and begin the process of building support.
  • The goal is to act Canada-wide on climate with actions that demonstrate our growing concern about climate breakdown and our desire to rebuild a healthy environment for future generations.

Why focus on seniors?



3. The first webinar took place on May 28h. How did it go? Are there any other webinars planned for those who wish to engage in this initiative after this date? And how can people get involved with Seniors For Climate? 

The May 28th webinar was a huge success with close to 550 registrations and 340 participants. We launched both the October 1st project but also our fundraising drive. Close to 30 locations have registered to do an action on October 1st.

Monthly Canada-wide Zoom meetings will begin in June to maintain momentum and to continue to organize for the fall actions. Another large webinar will take place during the month of September to mobilize as many seniors as possible – thousands we hope – across the land on Canada’s National Seniors Day of October 1st.

People can get involved in a number of ways. The website has a contact form that people can fill out. Another way of getting involved is by making a donation in support of the initiative.

The list of actions is endless. Seniors will be creative and choose an action that best fits their community and the size of their group.

  • Traditional rallies, marches, demonstrations
  • Festive events with street theatre, songs, artwork
  • Kitchen table discussions, backyard gatherings, BBQs
  • Press conference to announce “something”
  • Putting a resolution before municipal council leading up to Oct 1st
  • Meeting with elected officials
  • Leaf letting and distribution of flyers at farmers’ markets, shopping centres, public gatherings
  • Actions that symbolize who we are - rocking chair, standing with our grandchildren
  • Other ideas? Lots of room for creativity


5. What are your plans for this initiative beyond the event on October 1st? 

As support for Seniors For Climate continues to grow, the Steering Committee is optimistic that the need for a national platform for climate action among seniors will be a priority. We’re in a climate emergency and we need to act now. Later Is Too Late.

Seniors For Climate will want to collaborate with other NGOs to speed up the transition to renewable power and clean energy, to force the phase out the use of fossil fuels and to stop our banks and pension funds from making the climate crisis worse.


6. Could you share some examples of intergenerational climate actions that have 
personally resonated with you or that you’ve seen make a significant impact? 

I’ve been a member of Fridays for Future Ottawa organizing team since Greta Thunberg started that movement in 2019. Adults working with youth organizers have played an important supportive and logistical role in dozens of actions and events in the national capital.

I’ve also had the pleasure of bringing my grandchildren on Parliament Hill on several occasions to attend climate rallies and marches. They are my inspiration for my climate work.