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In Memory of Matthew Chapman

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Dear members of the climate movement,

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you of the deeply sad news of Matthew Chapman’s passing.

Anyone who had the privilege of crossing paths with Matt can attest to his contagious and positive energy, his humour, his kindness and his wit. Profoundly compassionate, generous and caring, Matt made everything brighter and lighter wherever he went, and truly made the world a better place.

Matt’s legacy is deeply embedded in the very DNA of Climate Reality Canada. Propelled by his passion, creativity and deep desire for social justice, Matt designed and built the Community Climate Hubs Program from the ground up and is the architect behind one of our signature campaigns, the National Climate League. A dedicated ambassador, he played a key role in shaping Canada’s network of climate advocates into what it is today. We are humbled and honoured to carry on his legacy of pursuing ambitious climate policy and social justice through the unique and impactful initiatives he created.

We mourn the loss of a colleague and pillar of the organization, a visionary, and a friend. Our hearts are with Matt’s family, his wife Véro and two daughters Adeline and Flora, as well as everyone who, just like us, followed Matt into the exciting endeavours his brilliant—and at times rebellious! —mind conjured. Matt, we miss you so much already. We will continue to celebrate your legacy and try, humbly, to keep up the incredible work you started. We love you.

We invite you to celebrate Matt’s life, share your memories, and to send your thoughts to Matt’s loved ones here: .

As you know, the Montreal Climate Coalition held a special place in Matthew’s heart; donations to the organization can be made in his honour here: .

To offer support to Matt’s family in this difficult time, please consider donating here: .

With much love,

The Climate Reality Canada Team

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