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Grant Linney, Lead Mentor, Southwestern Ontario

Saturday Spotlight Series

· Climate Reality Canada Team
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Grant Linney is an actively retired educator, an individual who continues to love to teaching kids of all ages about the great outdoors. In 2010, Grant was trained in Nashville to be a Climate Reality presenter. Since then, he has delivered more than 550 presentations, written op eds, and met with politicians concerning this greatest of all challenges. He has also produced two videos featuring young people speaking up about this topic.

Why did you join the climate movement/what pushed you to become interested in climate change issues?

It is the biggest threat to humanity.

What is one achievement you are proud of?

Being married to my wonderful wife for 29 years ... she passed into spirit in February of this year.

What was your most iconic/memorable Act of Leadership?

Working with two highly motivated business groups on this topic.

What are some climate change initiatives you are currently taking part in?

Producing two 20-minute YouTube videos on the Science and Solutions regarding climate change. The first Global Online Training.

What do you think is the most effective way for people to take climate action?

Al Gore says "It's more important to change laws than light bulbs." Massive protests can bring about this change.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Lifetime Member of the International Save the Pun Foundation ... the organization has since disbanded, but I persist re my lifetime membership!