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Climate Activists From Diverse Backgrounds Discuss How COVID-19 Impacts Their Commitment to Climate and Social Justice

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Press Release


Contact: Muriel Vincent
Communications and Social Media Coordinator
Climate Reality Project Canada
Cell: (514) 963-8405

MONTREAL, September 21—The Climate Reality Project Canada, will host a virtual panel titled Youth Speak on Climate on September 24th, 2020 at 4.00PM EST.
The event will give climate activists the possibility to exchange views and reflect on the different ways to organize, the multiple impacts the pandemic has had, and how to use effectively the insights they gained from the diversity of perspectives within the movement to address the urgency of the climate crisis.

Preparing for Global Day of Climate Action despite unusual circumstances

To celebrate the Global Day of Climate Action, occurring the following day, as well as to end UN Climate Week on a high note, The Climate Reality Project Canada will give the floor to climate activists. Together, they will explore how the global pandemic is re-shaping the response to climate change during a pivotal year for climate action, as climate activists themselves. Covering a wide range of climate organizing experiences, the panel will be comprised of Sudbury teen activist Sophia Mathur, Fridays for Future Ruby Swartz and Cooper Price, as well as Andrew Weaver’s Chief of Staff and Climate Reality Leader, Judy Fainstein. The event will be facilitated by Katelynne Herchak, Deputy Chair of the Youth Advisory Group of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

A surprising outcome from COVID-19 disruption of climate action

If 2019 saw hundreds of thousands of activists worldwide holding climate strikes that swept the globe. Merely a year later, a global pandemic, and growing social unrest forced climate activists to reinvent themselves. As a result, a necessary surge of intergenerational and intersectional solidarity appeared within the climate movement, redefining the future of organizing.

How to participate in the Youth Speak on Climate event

To respect the preventive measures response from the government, the event will be held online. You can register here and tune in on September 24th at 4.00PM EST.

Things to look forward to

Youth Speak on Climate will also present the soon-to-be-launched Climate Reality Project Canada’s Campus Corps, a turnkey student-led environmental program that will allow students to lead climate action and raise ambition right onto their campuses.
More information on Campus Corps will be made available during the Youth Speak on Climate panel as well as on our social media accounts (see in the about section)

For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @Reality_Canada.