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Amplifying the Conversation on the Climate Crisis: 24 Hours of Reality Goes Virtual in 2020! The Reach is Unlimited!

By Paula Bernardino

· Advocacy Stories
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As fires are raging in California and affecting the air of so many other States and even countries – smoke from U.S. wildfires spreads to at least 5 Canadian provinces and smoke from the US West Coast wildfires has reached Europe – it got me reflecting on the upcoming global climate conversation on October 10-11 for 24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future, an opportunity to reflect on the state of our planet and take action. The climate conversation is in an urgent state.

During last year’s edition of 24 Hours of Reality, I spoke to Millennials and Generation Z, an elderly group, and "regular" citizens looking to learn more about responsible investment. Each group had different reasons to be attending a presentation on climate change. Some were sceptical. Some were interested but did not know what to do or how to get involved. And this is why I enjoy the 24 Hours of Reality event. It’s an opportunity to amplify the conversation on the climate crisis and help different groups of people in society connect the dots with what’s happening and inspire people to get involved. And getting involved means different things to different people and that is OK; as long as we act now!

As a communications specialist and university instructor, I always emphasize the importance of creating specific message to the different groups you are talking to. One size does not fill all! And in our fight against climate change, all can play a role depending on everyone’s level of knowledge and comfort, time and access to actions. What everyone needs is that spark of inspiration and that is the purpose of the 24 Hours of Reality conversations.

As we are facing an unprecedented series of challenges with a global pandemic, can we use it as an opportunity for change and realize a green recovery to finally build a truly sustainable and equitable future?

24 Hours of Reality being virtual this year means the reach is unlimited! Join us in creating a global climate conversation on October 10-11 for 24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future.

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