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Amelia Rose Khan, Regional Organizer for Toronto/Durham

Saturday Spotlight Series

· Climate Reality Canada Team
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Full Name and Title

Amelia Rose Khan, Regional Organizer for Toronto/Durham

Short Biography

Amelia Rose Khan is the Toronto/Durham Regional Organizer, whose pronouns are they/them and who lives in Toronto/Tkaronto. They have been a part of the environmental field for the past 15 years. Their passion grew by working on solidarity campaigns and visiting impact zones across Canada where people are living with the effects of climate change. The focus of their work has been volunteering and working with grassroots groups with an emphasis on local climate action.

Why did you join the climate movement/what pushed you to become interested in climate change issues?

I have always been interested in nature since I was a kid. When volunteering came up, I grabbed the opportunity. I stuck around because of the Grassy Narrows issues that I got involved with.

What is one achievement you are proud of?

Getting arrested to help save the boreal forest. I learnt later on that direct action was a big part of why the demands were met.

What are some climate change initiatives you are currently taking part in?

I'm a part of Toronto350, MobilizeTO, and ClimateFast.

What do you think is the most effective way for people to take climate action?

The most effective way to take climate action is connecting with other people and making change happen together.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I like juggling!