Justin D. Whitehead

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Political Science, Economics, & Applied Ethics

University of Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


I have been sharing knowledge and writing about various topics online for over eight years. Currently I am pursuing a degree in Political Science, Economics, and Applied Ethics at the University of Victoria, British Columbia Canada. Over the years I have built up an online "following" of over 800,000 individuals, shared countless articles providing information on our environment and climate, and I have held various governing positions at North Island College and the University of Victoria respectively.


Nearly a decade of research and sharing of information about our world surrounding topics such as environmentalism, politics, economics, ethics, philosophy, psychology, feminism, and many more.


Learning, sharing, teaching, growing, caring.


Current positions: University of Victoria Greens - Board Member. University of Victoria Philosophy Student's Union - Director of Elections and External Relations. Former positions: North Island Student's Union Board - Executive Council Member. North Island College Education Council - Elected Member, Curriculum Committee Member, Planning & Standards Committee Member.


I do a lot of reading and writing. I enjoy working with the policy and administration of various groups. I enjoy watching films that make me think, or that address real world issues in a meaningful way.